Olympic Social Media Blackout(from Pixabay)

For many businesses owners across the globe, they were confronted with a difficult situation during the 2016 Summer Olympics. This year, brands and businesses that were not sponsors were restricted heavily across all social media and digital marketing.  [click to continue…]


Facebook Lead Ads

by Christina Pronger on July 28, 2016

Facebook Lead Ads – What Are They?

Facebook Lead Ad

Facebook Lead Ads are Facebook ads which can target your customers on their mobile devices and desktop computers. You can set the ads so they are not restricted to people who live in your city but rather to anyone in the area with a mobile device who is logged into their Facebook account.

From a mobile device such as an iPhone, when a person taps on your lead ad, a form opens with the person’s contact information automatically populated with the data they have entered on their Facebook profile, including: full name, email address and phone number. Automatically populating the form with this information makes filling in and submitting the form as fast as two taps. [click to continue…]


Twitter Badging

The social sphere is buzzing the the latest news on Twitter allowing individuals and businesses the ability to have Verified accounts. This was once a feature that was classified “exclusive” and not something you could just apply for. [click to continue…]


Georgian Auto Show 2016 1

The Automotive Business School of Canada puts together an annual outdoor automotive show showcasing major automotive manufacturers. The Georgian Auto Show is one of the largest outdoor, student-run automotive shows in North America, taking place at the Georgian College campus in Barrie, Ontario from June 3rd to 5th. [click to continue…]


Redwater Dodge

Recently, Facebook introduced Facebook Usernames which are personalized names and links that allow users to share them anywhere online. Similar to usernames on Twitter, finding who or what you’re looking for will be easier and provide more accurate results. [click to continue…]


ConfusedYou know you have to be on social media, but with so many sites it can be time consuming for your staff just to keep up. As an agency that manages social media for car dealers in Canada I wanted to share what we’re doing to keep social media organized and personalized while maximizing our time. Whether you’re an independent, family-owned dealership or part of an auto group, the transition to using social media tools is significant in developing successful relationships with potential customers.

If you’re still manually logging into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google etc. one at a time then you are working in 2013. Consider using a social media dashboard such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social to manage multiple profiles from one place. [click to continue…]



Over the past several years, Snapchat has continued to grow in popularity. With over 100 million users, it has become one of the must have social applications. Users are engaged and using this application daily, however businesses across the globe are struggling to find their ground. [click to continue…]


Last week Google made a dramatic change by removing all ads which were displaying in the right hand bar. Instead, a 4th spot for an ad has been added at the top of the SERP (search engine results page) as opposed to only 3 which was the previous standard. Those who had ads in the 4th spot will now see an increase in traffic as their ad will appear at the top of the page above organic results as opposed to being at the bottom beneath them. Bidding on the top two positions will likely not see a notable increase in bidding prices but the 3rd and 4th positions are going to get a lot more competitive.2012 Google Search Results

Image is from 2012

Ad Preview and Diagnosis – Google AdWords

Image is from February 25, 2016

Google has been testing keywords in the US for the last few months and we do not believe that this is something they’re going to roll back. It has been launched globally and it’s effects are already in place. Less organic spots on the first page are going to equal less organic traffic to websites and with fewer organic spots available, it will become more difficult to rank there. our team is going to keep particularly close watch on our car dealers organic search traffic. [click to continue…]


google Panda

Photo Credit: Google.ca

Google’s Search Algorithm (used to rank websites in search engine results) underwent a big change in 2011 with Google Panda, named after Navneet Panda. Navneet is the developer of the technology which made it possible for Google to code and implement the Panda algorithm.

Google Panda aimed to ensure lower-quality content would not appear in the top Google Search Engine results. Panda filters through sites on the Google Search Engine and adjusts the severity of the filter using Google Quality Raters. These raters answer probing questions about how the site performs and Panda gives the owner of the site an opportunity to earn their way to the top rankings. Whether a website fell from the top search results or has never been there, Google Panda ensures each website reaps the rewards or penalties of its algorithm. [click to continue…]


digital marketing in 2016

With a new year upon us, it is time to start thinking about the changes we will need to make to improve our marketing methods and what sort of changes we will see. There are several predictions being thrown around the digital marketing sphere on what marketers will focus on and ways technology will create changes in digital marketing, according to infographics from Signal.

Signal predicts that there will be improved people-based marketing options, giving advertisers more flexibility and control of their digital marketing campaigns. “In 2016, marketers will feel increased pressure to solve challenges like getting a clear view of the customer cross disparate data sources, connecting the past to a customer’s intent, and demonstrating attribution and ROI,” Signal states.

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